About us

Mama Phina  started having youths with some very horrible and beautiful stories but because people’s interest for watching Tv became high and the interest for reading went low, she decided to her message to TV as she started her own TV talkshow called, GETTING REAL WITH PHINA TV TALKSHOW which started in 2011 and this made her very popular especially in her region the Niger Delta because her talk-show was different and special as she told her stories through Documentaries,  she wasn’t really focused on chastity talk anymore but she was going to remote areas where people fear to go, and talk about the plight of the less privileged, but still she was still focused on youths, and in 2015 she built the most magnificent empire,  an entertainment empire,  a facility for everything and anything entertainment in one building, and never has this being in Nigeria especially in porous areas like the Niger Delta where youths restiveness is major, where crime is high and there are little or no platforms for youths, she went out dis auditions for talents hunting,  hot some great raw talents and gave them the facility for unlimited free use and she started taking them out and giving them platforms to be recognized both in Niger Delta and outside of the region,  the I-HOUSE group was created out of this and today in 2018 she decided to formally sign artists and she registered a record LABEL called VIRGIN RECORDS,  as at now, SUZZ Micahs is the first and only person formally signed to virgin records,  Suzz is a dynamic rapper and singer